Thursday, April 9, 2009

Off the track and I haven't even started!

I decided to start this blog in order to just post commentaries about the values and political philosophy that must be held on to by the few that still believe in the vision of the Founding Fathers. In fact, the first article I was going to post was to be about the Imposition of Freedom.

But that article will have to wait. I need to go off track before my original first post even appears.

A report I just read requires me to speak out against an unfair charge that conservatives make against the education system of the United States. Too often we hear that the education system doesn't work and that the schools, elementary, secondary and higher ed, don't prepare our nations youth to live in the real world.

I am stating now that those charges are false and easily refuted.

Before defending that statement, however, it is important to know something about me. I am the father of 6 home schooled children. I am unabashed in my defense of the parents' right and, indeed, obligation to raise their children in the way they deem best to prepare them for life in this world. I will fight, both philisophically and phyiscally to defend the right of my wife and I to educate our offspring. As for the reasons we choose to homeschool, that is another topic, which I may take up later.

The report that I read was a Rasmussen Report, headlined: "Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism"

So in the land of Free Market Capitalism, only a slim majority believe that it is the better system of economy.

I was stunned. I went through the article and noticed that as you lower the age group, the number of people who support capitalism fell, until you find that the under 30 crowd favors capitalism only slightly more than socialism. Another glaring point was that if you substituted the "Free Market Economy" label for the "Capitalism" label, you saw more support.

That tells me two things about the education system and the very effect results they are now beginning to reap.

1) The education system has been able to increase the amount of leftist ideology to each subsequent class and generation. If they threw it all in at once, there would have been a backlash, but as they have slowly and methodically upped the dosage, no one cries out about the poison they have been fed.

2) The education system has done an excellent job of defining terms. Capitalism is bad, period. Yet, people still hold on to the idea that a Free Market is good. THEY ARE THE SAME THING!!!! Young adults now separate the two in their minds, so the capitalist way of life can be reviled without losing the benefits of the Free Market.

There is a great danger in that. When capitalism is removed from the lexicon of American Society, it will be replaced by either socialism or facism. It is then a small thing to reafilliate Free Markets to the evil Capitalism and do away with that as well. The nation will have changed to a command economy without a shot being fired, and the people will believe they have done what is good.

With the leftist, Progressive agenda firmly entrenched in our education system, they have not failed in thier ability to teach and for students to learn. The results are obvious. They have taken the hearts and minds of generations and pulled them away from the foundations on which our nation was built.

We conservatives only assumed that since the kids were not being taught how to think for themselves, use reason, logic and innovation, that children being taught that there should not be winners or losers, and that the traditional source of values were obsolete, schools were failing them in preparing for the real world. How wrong we were.

They are perfectly prepared to live in a world where they are told what the will do for life, how they will do it, and what they should think. More importantly, they have learned that they should not question the authority of a Progressive state. They are well suited to live in a post-Constitutional America.

So do not make the mistake of thinking the education system has failed. It has succeeded.

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